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Hydraulic Cylinders , Standard

Nexoil s.r.l. ensures the quality of its products & efficiency and safety of its production through the certification EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by QS, a certification body with worldwide recognition for absolute independence, impartiality and technical competence required by European regulation.

QS has verified and acknowledged that the quality of Nexoil's production process, from a single component to the finished product, meets the high requirements of the standard in force.

click to download the ISO 9001 Certificate. pdf 

Following the take-over of the "Flenco Lubrication Systems - ISO Cylinder" brand, which had been awarded the Certificate of Alternative Testing Scheme (according to the R.I.N.A. Rules for Testing & Certification of Marine Materials & Equipment), Nexoil s.r.l. can manufacture and self-certify hydraulic cylinders according to strict naval procedures.

click to download the R.I.N.A. Certificate.pdf

Technical Specification

  • Heavy-duty metric hydraulic cylinder (bore size 25 mm to 200 mm)
  • Tie-rod design
  • Piston rod diameters: 12 mm to 140 mm
  • Nominal pressure: 160 bar (16 Mpa)
  • In accordance with ISO 6020 / 2 (1991), DIN 24554 standards
  • Safety factor: 4:1 at nominal pressure & with reference to min. breaking point
  • Hydraulic mineral oil (other fluids available upon request)
  • Temperature range (for standard seals): -20 deg. C to +100 deg. C

Series NXM & GNXM

Working Pressure: up to 210 bar (21 Mpa) acc. ISO 6020/2; DIN 24554

Series SHM

Working Pressure: up to 250 bar (25 Mpa) acc. ISO 6022; DIN 24333

Series THM

Working Pressure: TBA

Series PL

Working Pressure: up to 210 bar (21 Mpa)

Series PLL

Working Pressure: up to 100 bar (10 Mpa)